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Are You Looking For A Legitimate Way To Make Money On The Internet So You Can Work From Home, And Enjoy A Better Lifestyle? Then I Think I May Be Able To Help You!


: James Holmes - Internet Marketing and Multiple Income Streams Expert

Dear Inspired Entrepreneur,

I know this may look like a lengthy read, but I guarantee it's worth your time if you are looking for a genuine way to make money online!

First, let me be clear... I believe your search for an alternative way to make money online is over!

How can I make such a bold statement? Well, I have been working from home since the fall of 2007. I made my share of mistakes, I learned by trial and error, then I finally made my first major breakthrough several months after coming online in the spring of 2009. By the way, I have consistently made a full-time income working from home since 2010... and I am now working toward my goal of a high six-figure annual income.

I have been fortunate to have helped thousands of people from all walks of life and from all over the world change their lives through multiple income streams working from home. Those who have succeeded have been prepared to listen and more importantly they have taken action.

Just like you, I desired to be financially free… I never wanted to be tied down by a job building a business for someone else, work for an unappreciative boss, or have the majority of my time controlled by other people... all of which leads to an uncertain future.

I know you are here because you want to make money on the Internet while working from home... Am I correct?

But that is not the whole story is it? I don't think you're really here just because you want to learn how to make money. Sure, the money is nice and you can buy a lot of really cool stuff with it, but it is my belief that what you are REALLY searching for is time freedom and quality of life that money can provide you. That is true isn't it?

Who Cares About The Money!

My priorities have changed and I now value my TIME more than my money or anything else in life apart from my wife and family. I believe you only have one chance at this life and it should be lived the way YOU decide. Not the way society, big companies or the government say you should live.

Think about the tradition we have all been taught, you go to school, work hard, work your way up the ladder and waste two-thirds of your time working to build someone else's business... does this make sense to you? Why do you have to make money in the way tradition says you have to make money? Why should you forfeit the only asset you have that’s worth anything... YOUR TIME?

Why should you exchange your TIME and ENERGY for money based on some artificial scale that tradition dictates is acceptable? Why are you paid by the hour, week or month? Why is TIME and HOW HARD you work correlated with how much you make? Who thought of this stupid system anyway?

Why not exchange your VALUE for money? Why not legally make OBSCENE amounts of money whenever and however you want to? Why not start a business that is as close to perfect as possible?

Having an Internet business once set up properly is like having a license to legally print money. I'm talking about a business that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on 100% autopilot.

And the BEST part is that anyone who follows my advice can do it just like I have done it!

I want to teach you a system that is Guaranteed to work even if you're completely "unmotivated"... In fact, it's best if you only put in an hour or so per day which is why we call our system One 24 Profits!

Can You Relate To This?

Before we go any further... I was wondering if you might be able to relate to this little scenario: When I think about the 25 years that I spent commuting every day, it amazes me that most people I shared the highway with where destined to a dead end career and their lives centered around getting dressed in the clothes that they bought for work, driving through morning traffic in a car they were still paying for in order to get to the job they needed... not wanted, so they could pay for the clothes, pay for the car, and pay for the home they leave empty all day in order to afford to live in it part-time… I'm sorry, but that just doesn't make any sense to me. What about you?

See what three people who know me have to say...

"Extremely Knowledgeable"

Mary Kay Morgan

James is not only extremely knowledgeable about information and Internet marketing but one of the genuinely service minded guys in the industry. He really cares about you and your success and his information is always top notch. Follow his system and you'll be golden.

Mary Kay Morgan

"Fantastic Mentor"

As one of my first online business partners and teachers James has been able to give me a step by step approach to building a thriving business online while maintaining the highest standards of quality actionable content. I couldn't give him a stronger recommendation.

John Chatman

"Total Class Act!"

Damian Benko

I’ve known James for a couple years now and all I can say is this guy is a total class act. He knows his stuff inside and out and makes it easy to understand which is half the battle. I strongly encourage you get his 'Info Product Profits Blueprint' program as it will no doubt be fantastic and give you what you need to profit tremendously online.

Damian Benko

Are you ready to get started?

Okay, I am assuming that you are a person that would appreciate having access to a special report 'A Practical Guide for Working From Home' along with a free, no risk membership to One 24 Profits which give you a chance to peek behind the curtain to more fully understand how we successfully help people make money online. So here is what I am going to give you today.

I am going to give you an instant download to my report and access to the members area of One 24 Profits! Once inside you will have access to exclusive training, resources, and tools which provides a blueprint for your online success.  This is the exact same model I use everyday to create my online success... does that sound good to you?

Over the next few weeks you will learn precisely what is required to build a reliable online income. You will understand the 7 reasons why most people fail to make money online, how to set up an automated business, how to select the perfect niche based on your passions.  I am going to give you continuous mentor ship and access to a live Q&A session every week.  

All you will need to do is click on the button below then enter your name, email address, desired user name and password in the boxes provided on the next page. Don't worry, I will never sell or share your name or email address, we take your privacy seriously.

Okay, enough said and by now you should be anxious to grab your copy of my report and access to your free membership. I have set this site up so that there is zero risk for you and it is up to me to provide you with a massive amount of value so that you stick around long enough to learn what I have to share with you. It's time for you to get started!

Grab Your Free Membership

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Get Free Access!

Be sure to click on the button above to claim your free report and access to One 24 Profits System, which is the first step to take you from where you are now to where you really want to be by empowering you to create a successful business of your own!

I am here to help you succeed online and create your ideal Internet Marketing lifestyle!

James Holmes

Owner - One 24 Profits System

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